Data Insight + Optimisation

The back-end process and functions of your campaign are just as important as the front.


We thoroughly examine your customer database. Data driven insights allows you to visualise, segment and analyse your current customer. Analysis shows trends, purchasing patterns, demographic characteristics, opportunities and relationship touch-points and crucially, profit potential.

Propensity Modelling

Using the most sophisticated modelling technique we create intelligent segmentation and models that help predict the likelihood for the customer to accept your offer. Pinpoint prospects most likely engage. Deliver smarter communications that improve marketing performance. Remove all the guess work and just go with what’s proven to succeed.

Reactivation Initiatives & Strategies

Build a strategy that maps and targets all churned, inactive and disengaged customers and create various customer-centric reactivation programs that are meaningful and timely.

Database Cleansing

How healthy is your data? A clean database is a powerful tool when communicating to your customers.
Let us manage name, address, email and phone data cleansing or replacement and standardisation, making sure your message reaches its destination. Our team can also wash your existing database against suppression-referenced datasets, including Do Not Call Register, ADMA Do Not Mail and the Deceased Register file.

Database Enhancement

Make the most of the data you have. Improve business aptitude and marketing performance by unifying records and appending key data attributes (age, gender, marital status, industry, wealth) giving you greater insight into your customers and the ability to improve your targeting, campaign relevancy and ROI.